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Part 1 of Linked is here.

I came to know much more about the rando that was in the experiment with me than I ever wanted to know. A few days after we tested the serum, I started having these weird sensations. I would hear other people speaking that weren’t there, I could taste food in my mouth that I wasn’t eating, and sometimes I could even feel things that weren’t touching me..
It soon became apparent that my brain had been linked to the guy in the experiment with me. I didn’t even remember his name and apparently I was sharing his thoughts. God, what if it worked the other way and he could feel what I was feeling as well?
The sensations became more intense over the week and peaked on Saturday evening. I was watching television, snuggled up to my boyfriend, when suddenly I could feel a sort of urgency in my groin. Before I knew it I was getting horny. Soon afterwards the television, my living room, and, in fact, my whole body disappeared.
I was behind the rando’s eyes, watching as I slid my cock(!) into some other woman. The worst thing was that it felt so fucking good. Christ, she was wet and warm as her pussy surrounded me. My eyes were locked onto her velvety folds and I could feel the man’s body loving every second. I was pulled along as he fucked this woman, her moaning, him grunting until we came.
The release was instantaneous, my cock throbbing hot jets of cum as the restlessness evaporated from my body.
Then I was back at home on the couch with my boyfriend. And very, very horny.

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  1. It would be interesting to see them actively sharing thoughts, maybe deciding to recreate the expirement to add a third.

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