Advanced anatomy

Alan froze as the bedroom door swung open, revealing his mom. He was sure the shocked look on his face matched her own. His heart dropped and he didn’t move, his fingers still slipping through his silky golden tresses and his breasts bunched up against his arms. Beside him, Ben did the same.
“What is going on?” Alan’s mom asked, though it was perfectly obvious.
The two guys had come home from their first day of Swap Class. Alan had ended up as Aimey, one of his busty classmates. Ben ended up as Mrs. Chalmers, the Swap Class teacher. They had just stripped naked and begun to explore each other, Alan’s body warming in new and wonderful ways, when the door had opened.
“Just working on some basic anatomy lessons,” Ben deadpanned.
“Why–? Are you–? Is that part of the curriculum?” Alan’s mom finally managed.
“Yes. It’s kind of gross,” Ben lied. Alan nodded along.
His mom looked at the two of them. She obviously hadn’t read the Swap Class rules that she’d hastily signed. The rules forbade any sexual activity while in your new body. Though that rule was broken all the time. It was a wonder Swap Class still continued on a regular basis even with the constant rule breaking.
Alan’s mom just said “uh huh” and closed the door, allowing the two swapped guys to work on their advanced anatomy lesson.

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