Ever since that experiment linking my brain to Madison's we've both been experiencing strange things. Sometimes we could hear what the other person was thinking, or even physically feel through each other's bodies. 
We came into the experiment strangers but were sort of forced to get to know one another through these oddly intimate experiences. It got even more intense one week in.
I'd just come home from work and was changing my clothes when I suddenly "switched" to feeling Madison's body. I sat heavily on my bed. These were the most intense sensations yet. I could feel that I was naked and supremely aroused. Phantom hands stroked my body and the taste of someone else's tongue filled my mouth.
It felt so good. Pleasurable. So I lay back on the bed and just enjoyed feeling Madison get turned on. But all of a sudden it went from experiencing Madison's physical pleasure to experiencing all her senses. I was looking out from behind her eyes while I spread my long, smooth legs. There was a man in front of me -- Madison's boyfriend -- and I felt her attraction, her lust as he slipped inside me.
I was only a passenger in her body as she moaned and welcomed him inside. My pussy lips spread wide and he sank into my wetness. It felt amazing being filled, and soon he was fucking me hard, Madison's voice rising in pitch until she came and I enjoyed her orgasm. Her entire body shook with pleasure.
When it was over I opened my eyes to find I was back in my own room. I could recall every intimate moment of Madison's orgasm, and I was now rock hard. I only hoped Madison wasn't inside me while I masturbated to thoughts of her.

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  1. It Would be amazing see the other side, making madison feel the experience of him masturbating or maybe he fucking someone

  2. Cool idea, very unique! I like the idea of someone being able to feel all the other person’s physical sensations, but not really possessing them, not seen that anywhere before.

    Would be fun to see this as a mother and son story, with both of them trying hard not to feel horny, or have sex, knowing the other will feel it too.

    Could also cause a kind of spiral, where one person gets a bit horny, causing the other person to get horny as well, which makes the other person then feel hornier, just building and building up.

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