If looks could kill

As soon as I cast the spell my friend's body disappeared. I didn't have to wait long to find out if it worked. A minute later my mom stormed up the stairs.
"What the fuck did you do? Why am I your mom?" She asked.
"Uh, Logan?" I guessed.
"You messed up the spell!" Logan shouted.
It appeared I had. Logan was supposed to end up in the body of the guy who was dating his crush so he could be with her. Someone my aim was off.
"Ok, ok, we'll figure it out. Just chill," I said, as I flipped through the spell book.
"Just chill? I've become a woman and I'm supposed to just chill?"
I ignored him for a minute and concentrated on re-reading the spell to find out where I went wrong.
"Ah, ok, so I should have--" I began, before looking up at him.
Logan had his hands on my mom's breasts and was feeling himself up.
"Stop that!" I demanded.
He dropped his breasts with a sigh. "Then get me out of this body."
"I'm trying."
"Well, while you try I'm going to go lie down."
"Just stay here." I had a horrible idea of what he was planning to do in my mom's body.
"You can't tell me what to do, young man. I'm your mom!" He laughed and disappeared down the hallway.
I hurried to get the rest of the ingredients together and prepare the spell. But it still took much too long, and I heard many things from mom's bedroom I never wanted to hear again.
Chessie Kay & Marc Rose

Four friends accidentally discover that a mysterious remote control can transform them into duplicates of people on television in Remote Chance, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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