Just a little crush

Felicity had a huge crush on her calculus teacher, Mr. Henry. She would always get a little flutter in her chest when he called her name or passed by her in the hall. She'd tried flirting with him, staying after class for extra study sessions, and standing close to him while wearing skimpy outfits, but he seemed determined not to do anything.
And that's where it would have been left if Felicity hadn't found a magic ring that enabled her to copy her mind into someone else's body.
She slipped into his classroom one day after school, well after the students had left. He was packing up when she approached his desk. He looked up at her with his dark, soulful eyes, and she pointed the ring at him 
Her perspective flipped, and suddenly she was looking at herself, and feeling the raging desire that Mr. Henry had been holding back at the sight of her cute blonde body in the tiny skirt.
She stood, towering over her former body, and embraced herself, both minds in her two bodies sharing the same lustful desire. They both admired her cock as she pulled it out, taking turns to stroke the length of it until the male Felicity couldn't hold off anymore. She needed to be inside herself.
She turned her female body around and slipped into that wet, warm pussy. Her female self laughed as she was finally satisfied. Felicity's pussy felt so perfect wrapped around her new cock, and she slid all the way in, moaning as she filled her former tight little body, hands gripping her amazing ass, in lust with herself and now with the cock to satisfy her desires.

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