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"Oh, watch this," my girlfriend, Kirsten said.
She disappeared as I turned, hopping into the body of the delectable young mother in the veggie aisle. Kirsten was always doing this, hopping into anyone who caught her fancy with little regard for what she did with their lives. Not that I was much better. I took advantage of every hop, even guiding Kirsten towards some choice targets on occasion.
Kristen looked at me from within her stacked body and licked her cucumber suggestively before flipping up her skirt. I didn't need a second invitation. I dropped my pants and began fucking her right there in the store, slipping my cock into her stolen pussy as she gripped the cooler door and urged me on.
"Fuck this tight little pussy," she begged.
And I did, slamming into her until I came, squirting my hot load into the stranger’s wet heat. I went fast, finishing up before anyone could come around the corner.
When I was done, Kirsten laughed and settled her skirt over herself, letting me drip down her thighs as she stacked her cart with junk food, condoms and lingerie. She loved making a mess of her stolen bodies, cramming her mouth full of chocolate and candy and then hopping out when she was full, letting them deal with the consequences of her actions, like the heavier thighs, the awkward stares, and the future baby.

A demon builds his power by possessing people and changing their bodies and minds to suit his needs in The Devil You Know, on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. No offence but can you change the theme, this one seems a little bit off, like not properly designed noob theme. By the way, loved this caption β™₯.

  2. I’m liking the great f2f swap/possession captions lately (especially f2f body theft). As a f2f enthusiast thank you they are rare.

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