Get away with anything

Those with lots of money could get away with anything, and could even avoid the safeguards on Exchange Island. Austin Tate and his billionaire friends brought along an escort. They bribed the officials to put them in the bodies of male studs, and put the escort into the body of a conservative 38-year-old mother of two, who seemed reluctant to even be on the island.
Over the next two weeks they wrecked her body, inking both arms, her lower back and around her neck, even tattooing Austin's signature on her inner thigh and the names of his buddies just above her mound as a souvenir for the woman to remember them by. They got the escort to pierce both nipples and her clit, and bleach her brunette hair blonde.
And, of course, they fucked her senseless, sliding into her virgin asshole and pumping her full of hot cum as she wriggled and moaned for them, enjoying the feel of her new clit stud on her sensitive pussy. They videotaped the whole thing, every step of the transformation and the ensuing sex.
When the woman got her body back, she was mortified and complained to the Island. But money hushed up that little problem. 
As a parting gift they left her with a USB of all the things they'd done to her body. They kept a copy for themselves and added it to their collection. The anger and disgust of the owners returning to their transformed bodies was just part of the fun.
They'd be back in a year and choose a new victim, and there was very little anyone could do.

A demon builds his power by possessing people and changing their bodies and minds to suit his needs in The Devil You Know, on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Damn, I really love stories like this when people got their bodies back but not in the way they expected to. Hope to see more of this concept. Great cap.

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