I can’t fight this feeling – The brother

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Who knew that my sister was so horny? It was the first thing I noticed when that scientist's device malfunctioned and threw me into her body. Well, almost the first. She dressed very skimpily so the first thing I noticed was the tits. Then the deep, itching need within me. A restlessness that must be satisfied.
We were at dinner and I was sitting across from her when it happened. Suddenly, I was the one holding the salad fork between slender fingers. I almost choked and everyone around the table was in an uproar. We'd all become someone else and, it turned out, my girlfriend ended up in my dad's body.
The scientist - in the body of the blonde bombshell from two houses down - eventually came over and told us what happened. He promised to fix it but couldn't say when.
Honestly, I was hardly listening. I was twisting my hands in my shirt, bouncing one leg up and down, trying to figure out when I could get some time alone to satisfy this all-consuming horniness. My girlfriend wanted to talk so we finally slipped away into my room. But I couldn't talk. Not the way I was feeling.
I tore off my clothes and then hers. She was so stunned that she let me. Then I jumped into her arms, wrapping my legs around her and thrusting my new sex up against hers as I kissed her. I didn't care that she was in my dad's body. I just craved release.
She started kissing me back and I felt her cock stiffen between my legs. When she was rock hard I readjusted. She gripped my lips and slid me down her warm, erect shaft. I moaned as I sank my sister's pussy on my dad's cock, the deep itch finally sated as I rocked back and forth, desperately needing a good fucking before I could even think of anything else.
I came quickly on her cock, moaning as she erupted into me, filling my chasm with her hot seed and chasing the need away with pleasure.

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