Always wanted to try

"God, that feels good," Erica half-moaned as her boyfriend stroked her new cock.
"Yeah, it does," Ty giggled, running his girlfriend's fingers up and down his former dick.
Erica reached out and cupped a breast. At the same time she slid her hand behind Ty's ass and grabbed a handful of his butt. God, her own soft, slightly jiggly body was amazing to touch. Her every sense was heightened with desire and she was filled with an urge deep within her core to thrust her new cock into something. She leaned forward to kiss her former lips. The hand on her cock was so amazing, sliding up and down just like she needed. She thrust towards it as she moaned again into her boyfriend's mouth.
Erica had been hesitant about swapping bodies with Ty but he'd been so insistent and at last she'd given in. He'd seemed so instantly delighted, stroking himself and touching his tits. Erica was a little more hesitant, but as she watched Ty making her former hands touch herself, her new cock began to stir. They'd gone upstairs to the shower, Erica following Ty's juicy jiggling ass. She couldn't take her eyes off her own curves and when ty finally turned and pressed his soft body against her hard one it was heaven.
Her passion grew, as did her dick. It was rock hard, the need inside Erica almost unbearable when Ty pulled away.
"I've always wanted to try this," he said with a smile.
Ty sunk to his knees and took his own dick between his new lips. Erica gasped as her cock was surrounded with the hot wet heat of her former mouth.
"Oh, fuck, yes," she whispered, as Ty began working his lips up and down her shaft.
She grabbed his hair and swept it out of his face so she could watch her cock disappear in between his lips. She was much more turned on by visuals in Ty's body, and the sight of him on her knees, sucking his dick and staring up at her made her weak. The need burst suddenly from within her and she instinctively grabbed his head and thrust his face down her cock. She needed to shove her cock deep into his warmth as she emptied herself into him, dick throbbing between those pillowy lips. Each burst of cum chipped away at her need until she was empty and cum dripped down her former beautiful chin.
Erica was sort of upset she couldn't orgasm again right away.

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