"See?" Bobby said as he turned around and looked back over his shoulder. "I've been taking good care of your body." He slid a hand across his figure and over his taut ass as he smiled at her.
Katelyn felt her cock stir to life. It was a feeling she'd become used to ever since the Great Shift happened last year when she was in the school cafeteria. She'd swapped bodies with Bobby, a beefy guy she'd always thought was kind of nerdy. She hated her new body, but with the male hormones coursing through her she needed release and had become adept at stroking her new dick.
Now, staring at her former ass, Katelyn didn't know what was worse: that she had gotten fatter or that Bobby had kept her sexy figure. She couldn't believe she was getting horny at the sight of her own body. Damn testosterone! Bobby was helping out, of course. He seemed to enjoy teasing her, giving little glimpses of her tits and ass and beautiful bronzed skin.
She'd left school after the shift and, like most everyone else, had to redo senior year because of all the lost time on the aftermath. Now, a year on, she was seeing her former body for the first time.
"How's it been for you?" Bobby asked with a smile.
He turned to her and hooked his thumbs beneath the waistband of his jeans, looking for all the world like he was about to slide them off. The thought made Katelyn even harder and she gulped as thoughts of how she wanted to ravish her former body flew through her mind.

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