Hurry home

"Mmmm," Adam moaned, twisting his legs restlessly. "Are you gonna come back soon?"
"On my way," Tiffany replied.
"Thank god."
As he spoke to his girlfriend, Adam's hand slid back down between his legs. His panties were sopping wet and had been for days, ever since the Stranger had burst in to the house.
Adam had been a big burly football player before the Stranger swapped him with his cheerleader girlfriend and made him desperately horny for cock. The Stranger had laughed as Adam had jumped on his former body, disgust fighting with the need to fuck, until his girlfriend had taken him there on the floor, slamming into his pussy from behind as he clutched and clawed at the linoleum, deep in the throes of orgasm.
Adam was constantly horny, always dripping down his thighs. He begged for Tiffany's dick all the time. Couldn't sleep without it. Tiffany had to go out and run errands for him because Adam dreaded to think what he would do if he was near any other men. It was bad enough being fucked by his own body, much less whatever stranger happened to be near him.
"Hurry home. Please." Adam begged.
He rubbed his slick pussy faster, fingers shiny with his own juices. He was so goddamn horny but he could never reach orgasm. Not without a cock inside him. He counted down the seconds until his girlfriend would return and finally sate the desperate need roaring through him. Temporarily, at least.

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