Spirit in the sky

The night Luke perfected his astral projection was also the night his best friend's sister, Amber, was home from college. Luke's spirit split from his body and he found himself weightless, hovering above himself in his own room. He flew out through the walls and into the sky, enjoying the freedom of not being tethered to a body. But he was still very much a teenage guy, so he swooped down to his best friend's house and in through Amber's window.
She was getting ready for bed, dressed in a sheer nightie that barely hit her golden limbs. Luke flew closer to her. The closer he got, the more aware he became of a sucking sensation, like a whirlpool drawing him in. He reached out to touch her with his ghostly hand and it disappeared through her body. Suddenly, he was stuck and being pulled closer and closer. He tried to fight but in seconds he was enveloped. Then the world flipped and physical sensations returned. He blinked his eyes.
Luke was looking down at a white nightie that had slipped down to reveal part of a perfect breast. His legs were folded beneath him, hand resting on a warm, bare thigh. He pushed the long, wavy hair out of his face and stared down at himself. He was in Amber's body!
Luke would worry about getting out later, but right now there was something he'd always wanted to see: Amber. He let the nightie slip down and took his breasts in hand, making Amber touch herself, watching as her hands glided over her skin and down between her legs. She felt so wonderful. Soft and warm and soon so wet. His hands continued, stroking her breasts as he explored her innermost pleasure, fingers sliding inside her as he moaned in her voice and soon enjoyed her orgasm.
Getting back to his own body was going to be more difficult. The biggest problem was that he didn't want to leave.

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