So much bare skin

Anthony snuck his girlfriend up to his bedroom while his aunt Meg was tanning herself out by the pool. He really didn't want to get caught because Meg would go to his mom with the juicy gossip and then he'd be in trouble. So Anthony was keenly aware of every sound in the house even as he began having sex with his girlfriend. There was a particularly loud noise from the kitchen that made Anthony think of Meg just as he was cumming.
Suddenly, Anthony found himself standing in the kitchen with no idea how he got there. Something soft and silky fell down one shoulder and someone was speaking to him through a phone up by his ear:
"--probably go out for dinner or something. I was thinking that the three of us--"
Anthony looked down at himself and was greeted with the sight of his aunt's huge cleavage. Her body - his body now - was clad only in a tiny bikini. Her massive tits swung back and forth as Anthony accidentally bobbed them while slowly lowering the phone. His mouth was open in shock and his gaze kept returning to the huge pair of breasts on his chest. And there was just so much bare skin on display. The bikini revealed way too much of Anthony's new body.
Anthony didn't know it yet but he was the victim of the FOSE. His aunt had been just as surprised to find herself suddenly lying on top of a strange young woman, thrusting inside with her new dick.
Now his aunt would have a lot of juicy gossip to share with his mom.

An American college student swaps bodies with a Chinese MILF in Culture Shock, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. a follow up where everyone thinks they were thinking about their aunt in a lewd way as they came would be fun. their mom and ex gf sorta finding it disgusting and giving them grief and their former aunt mocking theme enjoying the new body.

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