Stay a little longer

James's eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned, his body flexing in ecstasy as the woman's husband feasted on his pussy. It was the third orgasm in a row in this stranger's body, and the best one so far. His tits bounced on his chest as pleasure lit through him.
James had learned how to possess people and was waiting around some glitzy clothing stores waiting for a target when he saw her. Big tits. Tight little body. Expensive clothes. Resting bitch face. 
He had to have her so he followed her inside the clothing store and took her when no one was looking, his body dissolving and flowing into hers in an instant. It was fun dressing up her body in fancy clothes and putting it all on a gold credit card.
James had access to all her memories and knew how good her husband was at pleasing her. He didn't want to miss out so he hurried home.
James poured himself a glass of wine and was all ready when her husband came in from doing some yard work. He didn't need much convincing and soon hoisted James up onto the countertop and dove under his dress  His mouth soon wandered down to James's new pussy, his tongue circling James's clit and sending the first of many tremors through James's body.
James yanked down his top and played with his tits until the pleasure got to be too much and all he could do was lean back and enjoy the sensations. 
After the fourth orgasm he was weak and sopping wet. He knew this woman had been a good choice and decided to stay a little longer.

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