Good girl

Allison looked up at her former body towering over her. How had she made such a mess of things? Allison drooped her tail and whimpered. There was no way she could reactive the machine with these golden retriever paws, and no way to communicate with her old body. It was also hard to think when she was overwhelmed with the strange sensations. Noises and smells had a whole new dimension.
Her old body - with her dog, Griswald, inside - stared down at her and tried to make noises. Griswald had somehow managed to pull down her top. Allison dreaded to think what might happen if he got out, especially looking like that.
It was then that her boyfriend came home and Allison thought she was saved. She wagged her tail and barked. She just had to think of a way to communicate.
But before she could, Griswald saw her boyfriend and grew very excited. He jumped up and ran to him, flopping his arms over him and licking him on the face. Her boyfriend laughed and swept Griswald up in his arms, mistaking his reaction for horniness.
"Hold on, let me just put the dog outside," he laughed.
Allison whimpered as her boyfriend grabbed her collar and pushed her out the door before having sex with her very excitable former body.

An American college student swaps bodies with a Chinese MILF in Culture Shock, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. My favorite is a veterinary team of Father and Daughter have been trying for months to breed a client’s awarding winning male Beauceron with their own female Beauceron. The female even though in heat wont willingly or by force enter the doggie pen to mate with the male. Both the client and father/daughter are beyond frustration knowing this breeding mating won’t happen. The father possesses the Medallion of Zulo her bought at a yard sale and explains how the medallion works. For pure veterinary science and discovery, in the name of science if using the Medalion and becoming the female Beauceron. what sex/mating, pregnancy and giving birth to a litter of puppies she would discover as a twin to the real female Beauceron. Using the females, collar they perform the transformation and Father walks the transformed daughter the next morning out to the kennel after she has slept in the real female Beauceron doggie bed to acquire the scent of the real Beauceron. Within minutes of being let into the doggie kennel the male Beauceron has successfully mounted his daughter, her doggie pussy being filled with the males, cock and semen dripping out of his daughter’s doggie pussy. Both dog’s tongues out of their mouths covered in saliva Upon examination Dad discovers she’s carrying within her doggie womb eight puppies per the ultrasound scan. Roughly over two months later daughter goes into labor and delivers her children, the proud doggie papa, guards his mate and children. As she looks up as her children suckle in her nipples to get milk she panics as she spies her old body staring intensely at her, dressed in a sun dress as her b/f wraps his arms around the imposter giving her a passionate kiss before heading out for dinner and their own fun. The male Beauceron nuzzles her neck, dad later explains the b/f kept calling and he couldn’t delay any more excuses for her disappearance. Her father transformed the female Beauceron into his daughter, somehow the transformation canine to human causes intelligence and memories, so the dog could act like her. However, internet research revealed that human to canine, giving birth will cause the transformed human to begin to develop canine memories and tendencies, forgetting they were they were human in the first place. Birth means you can’t transform back to human, plus on the good side it seemed you liked the sex and other male clients with male Beauceron’s want me to have you breed with their canines. He walks away laughing I’m going to rich leaving her trapped forever as a slut Beauceron.

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