New me

"You like the new me?" Fred half turned from the window to ask his friend.
The suds from the transformation spa were still sliding down Fred's petite body and over his juicy peach of an ass. His fingers were wrapped around the heavy breasts hanging from his chest. He squeezed his tits, enjoying the naked slickness of his nubile body as his friend ogled him, open-mouthed.
"Holy shit," was all Alan could murmur as he stared at his transformed friend. "You going to ask for a refund?"
"I was," Fred said, stretching out, letting his cute ass wiggle back and forth seductively. "But then I had second thoughts. And third and fourth thoughts, too."
"Yeah," Fred nodded. His blonde hair fell down half his face, giving him a wickedly seductive look. He glanced down at his friend's crotch and saw the erection tenting out Alan's pants. Fred bit his lower lip.
He was sure they could change him back, so why not have a little fun first? Fred had already enjoyed a few solo sessions in the locker rooms after his change and he was curious how it felt to be a woman during sex.
"And looking at you," Fred continued, "I'm having a fifth thought that I think you might enjoy."
"But we're friends. Won't it be weird?"
"I don't know," Fred shrugged, sending his breasts bobbing. "Why don't you fuck me and we'll find out?"

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  1. Just like Fred I will first enjoy my new sexual experiences as a real woman – and then I will try to find out wether I will stay a woman for the rest of my life, or not. And I will happily embrace my permanent existence as a real woman forever when I find out that the transformation can’t be undone …. . – Tom –

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