Eric and Vanessa were a husband and wife who'd signed up for an experimental procedure to swap bodies. Vanessa was prepped for operation and sedated. When she opened her eyes she felt her husband's body stretched out beneath her, strong and powerful and masculine.
An hour or so later the door opened and her old body slipped inside. Eric shut the door behind him and walked seductively towards his wife, letting his new hips sway and his breasts bounce back and forth beneath the surgical gown.
"We're supposed to be recuperating," Vanessa said with a crooked smile. Her new dick was already rising to attention at the sight of her delicious husband in her former body.
"I'm recovered," Eric said, tossing the covers aside and straddling his former self. "And I want to fuck."
Vanessa's cock grew rock hard as Eric slid his new pussy back and forth over the shaft. Vanessa could feel her former pussy lips grow wet and part for her. She was filled with an intense feeling of excitement, a desperate need to drive up and into something. Eric reached around and grabbed her dick, guiding it inside him. Vanessa almost came as her dick slid through the warm, wet canal. She gripped her husband's hips and stared up at the oversized tits that were ten thousand times more appealing as a man.
Eric rode her to her first orgasm. It was quick and surprising, the pleasure suddenly spiking and making her yearn to bury herself deep into the beautiful pussy. She emptied her seed into him as he rocked slowly. When she was done, Eric looked down at her with half-lidded eyes.
"We're going to have to teach you to hold it and wait for me."

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