Had an extra one

The last thing you remember is slamming the brakes and seeing the tree coming right at the windshield. As consciousness filters back in you realize you’re lying on a soft bed and your body doesn’t hurt. You wonder how long you were in the hospital. As you shift in bed and move your arm, your upper arm bumps into something on your chest that sends your chest wobbling. You reach up and grab the wobbling thing and feel a breast. Solid and huge. It’s a part of you. You can feel your fingers wrapped around the warm weight.
You snap your eyes open. You’re not in a hospital. You’re in a bare room. A window with iron bars faces you but you ignore it for the moment, concentrating on your body. Staring down at yourself, you see magnificent tits, a gentle hourglass figure with a tight swell of hips and wonderful buttocks. Between your legs is a light thatch of dark hair leading down to a pussy.
You gasp, your slender new hands roaming down your body. This can’t be real. But it is. You can feel every inch of your seductive new form. Sitting up, the massive breasts bounce down your chest.
The door swings open with a creak and a strange man in a lab coat enters.
“Ah, you’re awake. Good. I was able to save your mind but, alas, your body was ruined. Fortunately, I had an extra one. There may be some disorientation as you adjust, but you’ll get used to it in time.”
Later you’ll wonder what happened to your new body’s original owner. But for now, you’re too shocked to think.

Peyton is forced to come crawling back to his old job in his new body, but will have to perform some special favors before they’ll hire him in Payback (Chapter 5), available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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