“I knew you had a nice cock,” Dawn said as she ran Missy’s hand down and up Tim’s shaft.
Tim grew hard in her hand, until his cockhead poked against her trim belly. He stared down at her in utter lust, not moving, afraid to break whatever spell had made his stepsister come on to him.
Dawn had an unrequited crush on Tim. She’d asked and he’d turned her down, so she used a magic spell to possess Tim’s stepsister. Dawn knew Tim was attracted to Missy. Hell, who wouldn’t be? She was a skinny blonde, the total opposite of Dawn.
Now in that skinny blonde’s body, Dawn was going to take what she wanted. She gripped Tim’s hard cock harder with her slender fingers, feeling her own body warm in anticipation.
“I’ve been thinking about it for so long,” Dawn continued in Missy’s sultry voice. “Dreaming of what you would feel like inside me.” She looked up and blinked Missy’s clear blue eyes. “Could you make that dream come true?”
Tim was on her in an instant, his mouth crushed to hers, his cock trapped against her warm skin as he caressed her body. Dawn had no qualms about getting what she wanted by any means necessary. She let Tim slide off her bikini. He kissed Dawn’s stolen breasts as his hand slid between her legs and found her wet entrance.
Soon, Dawn welcomed Tim inside, straddling him and slowly sinking down onto his hot, thick cock. Missy’s body was so wet, so horny, as Dawn acted like the slut she thought Missy to be. She cried out, begging for more as she rode Tim right there on one of the pool chairs, howling in lust as she came and enjoyed Missy’s roaring orgasm.
Of course, in order to cover her trick she would have to possess Missy for a little while longer. But with Tim’s cock to look forward to, she was certain that wouldn’t be any great hardship.

Peyton is forced to come crawling back to his old job in his new body, but will have to perform some special favors before they’ll hire him in Payback (Chapter 5), available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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