Deepest connection yet

“Oh, fuck, that feels amazing,” Sara moaned as Declan stroked her new dick. She knelt on the couch above her former body, each stroke growing the urgency within her while her eyes locked on to the body she now inhabited. This horniness was so much more urgent and quick to rise than in her previous body and she found herself thrusting forward at each downstroke.
Declan sat with his legs spread, one hand on his girlfriend’s tit, playing with the sensitive pink nipple as it spiked out beneath his fingers and sent pleasant shivers through him. He continued stroking his former cock, looking up at his former face with a slight grin.
Declan and Sara were boyfriend and girlfriend when they found a magic gem that allowed them to swap bodies whenever they both touched it. It became a kind of game for them as they tried out each other’s bodies. At first it was experimental and chaste, but after a few swaps Declan suggested they go further and try out having sex as the opposite gender.
This was their first time, and Sara’s cock was now hard as a rock, the head angry and red, and she had an intense urge to drive herself into her former body. Declan was realizing just how much foreplay Sara’s body needed. He dragged his new hand down his body to rest between his legs, fingers circling his hidden entrance. He was just growing moist when Sara couldn’t take any more and launched herself on her former body, kissing and groping and squeezing. Declan squealed with delight and was soon moaning as Sara warmed up her body before slipping inside and forming their deepest connection yet.

Peyton is forced to come crawling back to his old job in his new body, but will have to perform some special favors before they’ll hire him in Payback (Chapter 5), available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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