Taken Over (Part 3)

In the finale, Greg and Becky team up to try save Avery and the whole school from Seth’s power. Taken Over is available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords.

Seth bends Greg to his will, making him enjoy some intimate playtime with his own mom then threatening to tell the entire school about their affair if Greg dares interfere again.

Greg doesn’t understand Seth’s power, but he knows he must stop it no matter the consequences to himself. As Seth takes over more and more of the school, Greg and Becky work together to steal Seth’s phone before everyone is under his control.

Can they return everything to normal? Or will Greg’s twisted desires infect the entire school?


Dumb Greggy boy stood frozen as I advanced on him in his mom’s body. I was topless, the nipples on my itty-bitty-titties hard as diamonds from touching myself. Usually I went for chicks that had more of a rack but Greg’s mom’s plump ass was pretty fucking fun to smack around. What she lacked in the tit department she more than made up for in the ass department.

Greg stepped back and I laughed. “What? Don’t you love your mom? Don’t you want to make her feel good?”

“Please get out of her,” he sniveled. “I’ll do anything.”

“I know you will,” my former body spoke up from behind me as he came out from his hiding place in the kitchen.

He strode up and gave my ass a smack that sent it bouncing.

“Whap!” He laughed.

Greg gritted his teeth but didn’t say anything. He had some self-control, I had to give him that.

“You’re mom’s such an easy lay now,” Original Me said. “I can turn her into the world’s biggest slut. I can make her get a face tattoo. I could make her take a shit on her boss’s desk.”

“Basically, we can ruin her life,” I said, fluffing Greg’s mom’s hair out.

“I won’t tell anyone,” Greg sniffed, the little baby on the verge of tears.

I laughed. “I’m sure. Who would believe you? Your bully took over your mom’s body and made her a slut? It’s ridiculous.”

“Now I could just take you over and make you not tell anyone,” Old Me said. “But that wouldn’t be as fun.”

He looked at me and I moved towards Greg again in his mom’s unwieldy body. He took another step back and was now against the bookshelf. I got to my knees in front of him and stroked his crotch as he whimpered.

“Mommy’s so hungry for your dick,” I said. Then I turned to my former self. “Get me out of here before I make contact.”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, aiming the phone at me. “I don’t want to taste that little fucker’s dick.”

“Greg, I need to suck your cock,” I said with his mom’s voice. “I’m sooo horny. I think about how delicious your cock must taste all the time.” And then, just for the hell of it, I added: “I want to take a bunch of naked photos and upload them to the web.” Just to give Greg another little thing to think about.

I started to unbutton his pants and he grabbed my hands and stopped me.

“Let her,” Original Me growled. “Or I’ll make it much worse.”

Greg paused, and then dropped his hands. I finished unbuttoning his pants and dropped them to his ankles, followed by his boxers. His flaccid cock drooped there, looking so sad nestled in his bushy pubes. I grabbed his dick with his mom’s hand, suppressing a grimace. I leaned closer to it and opened my mouth.

I was suddenly back in my own body watching Greg’s mom wrap her lips around her son’s dick. She sucked slowly, taking him all in as I filmed it. I moved closer, pushing her hair out of the way so the camera could get video of his little wiener sliding into her mouth. Greg had his eyes closed and was looking away, his whole body tense. The guy was terrified and disgusted. We were never going to get a good video like that. It seemed I had to do the worse thing I’d ever done.

I flipped to the app and aimed it at Greg. With one push of the button I was in his horrendously awful body. His mom’s warm lips were wrapped around his tiny dick. I opened my eyes and looked down past my blob of a stomach to watch Greg’s mom work my new cock.

Fuck, she was good, using her tongue to lick me from base to tip while she stroked with her hand, spreading her saliva up and down the length. Every now and then she paused to kiss her way down and then back up, teasing me by dragging my cock around the outside of her lips, worshipping this nerd’s dick. I was getting hard when she plunged her lips back down on my cock. I grew in her mouth as she worked me, driving down and up as my hardened girth pressed against her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

“Fuck, mom, that’s so hot watching you suck my dick,” I said, smoothing her hair aside so I could gaze at Greg’s cock as it disappeared between his mom’s pillowy lips. I didn’t particularly like looking at this little nerd’s cock but his mom gave amazing blowjobs. Her mouth was warm and wet and tight as she sucked me like a pro.

She pulled her lips off with a wet pop long enough to say, “Fuck, you’re delicious,” then swallowed me fast, urging a groan from lips.

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