Mistakes were made

Josh wiggled in bed, feeling his perfect breasts wobble as he spread his delicious legs. He sucked in a breath of air though his teeth, trying to ignore his body’s demands to be touched. He just needed to concentrate on finding a way to reverse this spell. But his free hand gripped his thigh and slid ever closer to his sopping wet entrance.
Josh was practicing his magic and had tried to turn himself into a sex god that women couldn’t get enough of. Only, he messed up the spell. The attraction part was right. Any woman he saw would be desperately horny for him. But he also managed to turn himself into a woman. The result was that he was desperately horny for himself and couldn’t keep his hands off his delightful new body.
He’d been touching himself for hours, rising to one orgasm after another. After each one he would pick up the book and try to find some sort of reversal spell but he kept getting distracted by horniness. Soon he set the book down and began touching himself again until his moans rose in pitch and he came.
Josh was stuck in this cycle, unable to stop fingering himself, unable to concentrate long enough to reverse the spell. He’d just managed to turn the page when desperate desire filled his entire body. He closed his eyes, biting his lip to fight it, but it was too much. He dropped the book and grabbed himself, desperate to sate this deep itch once again.

In the finale, Greg and Becky team up to try save Avery and the whole school from Seth’s power. Taken Over is available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.

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