You have no idea

“Oh god…you have no idea…how much I’ve wanted to watch you….suck your own tits,” you say to your wife as you hold each breast up to your mouth and nibble the nipple lightly, rolling it between your fingers. Her tits are huge and unwieldy and feel so incredibly good beneath your fingers and your tongue.
I think I have some idea now, your wife laughs inside your head as she shares in your joy at her body.
Your nipples are spiked to attention and a delightful tension is making you antsy, roiling your entire body. It grows with each stroke of your tits, each caress of your body, each time you pop a nipple into your mouth and gaze into the mirror at your wife as you make her touch and suck herself.
Your wife helps you out, telling you what to do next, where to touch, how hard and how fast. Your excitement at seeing her body move under your command builds your pleasure and you clasp both breasts to your chest, moaning as delight shakes your body.
“Fuck, that was awesome,” you say, as the last tendrils of pleasure dissipate.
That was just the warmup, your wife says. Take off my shorts and I’ll blow your mind.
You do and she does, both of you enjoying her long, languid orgasm, your fingers slick with your new pleasure as your wonderful body rolls back and forth beneath you. You wonder why your wife waited so long to show you her trick.

In the finale, Greg and Becky team up to try save Avery and the whole school from Seth’s power. Taken Over is available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.

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