Felt so right

If anyone had caught John he would have been fired immediately, but he couldn't help it. The uneven number of students in the Swap Class meant he'd be swapping with a student. And a little manipulation of the list ensured he'd be swapping with Missy, the tiny blonde honor roll student.
He'd feigned annoyance and had done well retaining his authority until class was released to go home to their temporary lives. But as soon as the last student left he locked the door and tore off Missy's clothes, revealing her slender, youthful body.
He was so horny for himself, growing wetter as he watched his tiny hands slide up and down his body, pinch his little nipples and stroke his sensitive breasts before sliding down between his legs.
John's new pussy was divine, and he shuddered as he entered himself, enjoying the slick wetness of his new folds. He slid a finger into his tight opening and fucked himself until he was dripping, soon adding another finger, curling up through his tight canal and spreading his legs wide so he could hit his inner pleasure.
He threw back his head and moaned as he came, quivering on the desk, his fingers deep inside himself as he enjoyed Missy's orgasm. Hearing her voice cry out in lust doubled the pleasure.
When it was through he lay on the desk panting for a minute, and then started up again. His body was so horny, so insatiable, and his fingers felt so good inside his student's pussy. He knew it was wrong but it felt so right.

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