Come a little later

Will had been possessing the body of his friend's wife, Carrie, every day for the last week. She didn't have a job, so Will would wait until he was sure his friend was at work and then cast the spell.
Once he was in Carrie's busty body he got naked and explored himself, sucking on his big tits and stroking his new pussy to orgasm.
It soon grew into a routine. A wonderful routine. He would spend the day naked, masturbating wherever and whenever he wanted. Everything was going so smoothly and Will was unprepared for the day his friend came home early and caught him naked in the kitchen.
Will was caught by surprise, and blushed as he tried to cover himself, biting on his finger out of nervous habit. 
But there was no hiding his heavy breasts. And his friend didn't seem to notice Will's mannerisms in his wife's body. His friend just smiled and strode towards him, wrapping his arms around Will and kissing him up and down.
The spell wouldn't expire for another two hours, so Will was stuck inside Carrie. His anxiousness soon faded at his friend's touch, and his body warmed under the gentle kisses and soft strokes that grew heavier, until they were both gasping and reaching for each other, both feasting on a breast, licking and suckling on Carrie's body until he spread himself wide for his friend and begged him to enter, to satisfy the aching need his friend had created inside.
After that, Will took to possessing Carrie later in the day, so he could enjoy entertaining his friend when he came home.

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