What Happens in Vegas (MtF Body Theft)

A jealous brother steals his sister’s body to go on an epic girl’s trip with his mom and discovers a most intimate secret in What Happens in Vegas, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Once we’ve had enough we move out of the bar and into the casino. Eddie hands me a pile of chips, which I split with mom, and he suggests I try my luck anywhere I want. Mom takes my hand and pulls me towards the roulette wheel.

“What’s your lucky number?” I ask Eddie.


I drop some chips on twenty-nine and stand back next to him, pressing my body against his. His hand slips up and caresses my side, his warm fingers landing on the bare skin between the straps that make up the back of my dress. The ball spins around the wheel before bouncing into number thirteen.

“Ooh, unlucky,” I half turn around, my back still pressed against Eddie, and look up at him over my shoulder, teasing him.

“Maybe my luck will turn later on.”

I smile and toss my golden hair out of my eyes. “Oh, I think it will,” I agree.

The drinks have made me warm and fuzzy. My body is soft and curvy and feminine. It would feel so right against someone who’s bigger and harder and masculine, wouldn’t it? I like watching Chrissy move. I like watching my tits bounce and my ass wiggle. I like watching my bare legs, and I love being the center of attention. I’m on the constant edge of arousal and the alcohol pushes me over the cliff, making me wonder what it would be like to go all the way in this body?

With that in mind I reach up and stroke Eddie’s rough cheek, gently scraping my fingernails across his stubble before hooking my fingers behind his neck and ushering his lips down to mine. His hand slides across my stomach, holding me like he owns me as his mouth meets mine and our tongues find each other. He tastes like the cocktails he’s been drinking: sweet vermouth and oaky whiskey, a delicious combination. I place my hand over the one he’s got on my stomach and we kiss slowly. An ache makes itself known within me.

The walk back to our hotel is a blur. My mind is lost in the sensations running through my body, the utter nervousness around what I’m about to do, and the sheer excitement of what I’m about to feel. My mom is there with the rest of the group, but I only have thoughts for Eddie. I’m in control, and I lead him back to our hotel. We slip into the elevator alone and our lips find each other. I welcome him into my mouth and he slides around the contours of my teeth. My body is burning bright, calling out for him.

I fumble with the card key to the door before finally pushing it open. I’m on him again before the door shuts, throwing myself into his arms. Our lips meet, his warm taste fills my mouth as I clutch at his chest, yanking him close. I scrabble for the buttons on his shirt as we walk backwards through the living area and into my bedroom, discarding shoes and clothes as we go.

He unclasps my bra at the bedroom door and I toss it aside. My sister’s tits hang down from my chest and we both gawk at them for a beat before he gently caresses him. I shiver under his touch, knees going weak as he kisses up and down my neck. His broad naked chest presses against mine, warm and solid to compliment my softness.

His cock presses against my belly and I take a step back, my foot hitting the bed and causing me to fall on it. Eddie looms over me, eyes wide with appreciation as he gazes at my naked body. I look up at him, feeling so vulnerable as he looms over me, my tits on full display. He grins and my pussy throbs at the sight. The bedroom light casts sharp shadows over his pecs and his broad biceps. He’s so big and I’m so small. I want to please him as much as I want to be pleased.

I grab one breast and stroke it, enjoying the heft, the bounce of it, the squeezability beneath my fingers. He stares at me, a slight smile on his face, as I fondle myself. I bring a breast up to my mouth and suck on my nipple, closing my eyes and cooing as I taste myself.

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