Thus saving the marriage forever

Kevin knew his parent's marriage was in trouble but he thought the genie could help.
"I wish I could fix what's wrong in my parent's marriage," he said.
With a snap of the genie's fingers, Kevin suddenly found himself in his parent's bedroom.
"The hell?" He asked, and started at the feminine sound of his own voice.
He looked down and found himself staring directly into his mom's cleavage. He was in her body, clad only in a bra, panties and stockings. He turned around, staring at his mom's fat butt that he now possessed, and then at his tits as they rocked gently in his bra. His startled realization was tempered by a pleasant buzzing warmth in his mind. He was slightly drunk already.
He opened the bedroom doors to slip downstairs and find the genie but was stopped in the living room by his dad.
"So that was your little surprise? I like it." His dad grinned and advanced on Kevin, grabbing him and kissing him before Kevin could protest.
His dad's hands stroked his body and he found himself growing warm and wet. Suddenly, Kevin's dad dropped his pants and thrust his cock into Kevin's warm entrance. Kevin gasped and his dad held him by the neck, staring into his eyes as he penetrated Kevin's slippery new cunt. Kevin whimpered as he was filled, the pussy lips of his mom's body spreading to welcome the hard shaft inside him, and driving a gasp of pleasure from his mom's lips while his dad fucked him slowly and gently until Kevin was begging for him to cum.
Kevin yearned to please his dad, and his dad yearned to be pleased. The marriage was saved.

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