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Sign the paper and you can have this body. I walk out of here in yours and you walk out in mine. You gain about ten years of life and all this to do what you want with. In return, I get your money and your life. I'll leave you with a little stipend to help, but if you ever break the terms of the contract I'll cut you off and ruin your life.
That means no telling anyone what we've done. You take my role along with my body. Oh, I'm sure you'll change some things, that's fine. I imagine you'll probably become a lesbian, though you'll find my body quick to react to any stimulus: tongue, fingers...dick.
But you'll own my past as well as whatever future you make. The other rule is you're never to contact me. Once we walk out of here I don't want to see my body again. 
And, finally, this is permanent. There's no going back. You become me for the rest of your life. No grace period. No returns. Satisfaction not guaranteed. 
Though, I think you'll be able to satisfy yourself.
I'm getting wet just thinking about this. Wouldn't you like to be inside me right now? To feel my pussy growing wetter? To control this body that I know you desire? To make these fingers touch myself until I moan and cry out? To enjoy my intense orgasm?
All you have to do is sign and it's all yours.

A jealous brother steals his sister’s body to go on an epic girl’s trip with his mom and discovers a most intimate secret in What Happens in Vegas, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Does this happen before or after the swap? The paper lies, waiting a signature, in front of a female body, doesn’t it? It suggests the swap is done. But if so, why bother to sign at all, as the swap is permanent?

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