"Hi, mom, I'm home!" I called out as I came in through the front door and set my bags down.
My mom came around the corner and I froze, gaping at her.
"Hello, son," she smiled.
I'd been away at college for a semester and we'd talked on the phone occasionally but she'd never mentioned anything about having work done. But she'd apparently gotten fake breasts. Big ones. They were barely contained by the teal crop top she wore and I had a hard time not looking at the deep valley of her cleavage.
"Like the new tits?" Mom asked. "Pretty nice, huh?"
And then she actually yanked down her top and pulled one out, hefting it up to show me.
"Mom? What?" I yelped, looking away.
"I'm not your mom," she laughed. "I was just possessing her so I could have some fun. But this bitch thought she could expel me. Almost did, too." She squeezed her tits and smirked. "So I had to punish her for fighting me. I'm going to expel all dignity of this filthy whore. I'll send you some vids for you and your friends to jack off to later."
Before I even had time to process that she began running her hands across her tits and tweaking her nipples. It was when I heard the little sighs escape from her lips that I realized she was masturbating. I fled from the room, no idea what to do.
About twenty minutes later my phone dinged with a message. A video from mom. I couldn't look.

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