One-time experiment

"Fuck, I've been thinking about tasting you for so long," Leah said before taking a long, loving lick of her sister's pussy.
It was an odd thing for Leah to say because as far as she was aware, she hadn't been thinking about it until this moment. But she'd said it so it must be true. She continued running her tongue along her sister's slick folds, spreading her apart and sliding in deeper to taste her salty essence.
Aubrey sat up and watched her sister lick her pussy, her body vibrating with pleasure from all the attention. Funny how they'd just decided to do this on the spur of the moment, to finger and lick each other and generally act like dudes.
"Damn, that feels good on my cooch," Aubrey moaned, as the first waves of orgasm brushed through her.
Neither of them knew they were being possessed by two frat bros who lived next door and had accessed the girls' bodies through version 2 of All they knew was that it felt so good to taste each other. Leah loved hearing her sister orgasm around her, and Aubrey enjoyed the feel of her sister's tongue on her sensitive clit.
After the guys had their fun and left, the two sisters giggled at each other over the ridiculousness of what they'd just done. They brushed it off as a one-time experiment, little knowing that the next time the guys jumped in they would go at it again.

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