"Oh my god!" Alice squealed as the texted snap appeared on her phone.
The picture was of her former body being sandwiched between two of the football players. From the weird angle of the camera, the guy with his dick in her mouth must have taken it. Lauren - in Alice's body - was evidently enjoying herself. Her eyes were closed with delight, her lips sunk way down on the cock.
Alice put the camera face-down in her lap, then picked it up again, then put it back down. She was in shock. She couldn't believe Lauren would do that with her body.
The point of this swap therapy was that Alice was supposed to learn to be more outgoing in a party girl's body, while Lauren was supposed to learn how to be studious. Alice would have thought it would have been easy for Lauren to avoid temptation, given that Alice was, as her mom called her, 'big boned'.
But no. Apparently Lauren was determined to carry on her partying ways even in someone else's body. Maybe especially in someone else's body Alice realized as she got another pic. Apparently a third man had now joined the scrum and her former body was being filled in all holes.
Alice dropped the phone, disgusted. Well, she would just have to get back at Lauren somehow. She had Lauren's athletic body that all the guys of school drooled over. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to get a few to fuck her. The hardest part, as Lauren was proving, was changing her mindset.

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