Best is yet to come

Tomas knelt in front of Peter, the dork he used to bully. He gazed up in total lust at Peter while patiently waiting his turn to suck Peter’s dick.
Peter groaned as Warren sucked his cock, Warren’s now-slender lips sliding up and down Peter’s lengthened shaft.
Tomas knew he should hate Peter for transforming him into some sort of cock-crazed bimbo. But the only thing he felt was jealousy that Warren had his lips wrapped around Peter’s dick. Tomas was a much better cock sucker than his transformed friend and desperately wanted to prove it to his lover.
Warren laughed and licked the tip of Peter’s dick. Warren, too, just felt so right blowing Peter. His disgusting and unpleasant male body had been wished away by Peter and his magic ring, and he’d been granted this elegant, slender new form. Plus the knowledge of how to please Peter had been embedded into Warren’s brain. It was his only goal in life.
Peter looked down at the two of them and grinned.
“Such good little cocksuckers now,” he said.
That reedy voice used to be so annoying and punchable, but now it made Tomas and Warren coo with desire. Just hearing Peter compliment his abilities made Tomas wet and he nudged Warren out of the way.
“My turn,” he said in his silky new voice before plunging his lips down over Peter’s thick shaft and filling his mouth with cock.
Then it was Warren’s turn to be jealous of his friend. But he knew the best was yet to come. After all, Peter had promised them both that his magic would let him fill both of them with his cum.

Still trapped in their bodies while controlled by strangers, a group of women are forced to enjoy a night of pleasure in Fantasy Girls 2. Due to themes of control and incest, this title is only available on Smashwords or my store Preview here.

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