What possessed her

When Don possessed his friend, Maria, she had no idea. She thought she was still in control of her body and that everything she did was of her own volition.
She thought she wanted to strip off her clothes and slip into some sexy lingerie before posing for herself in the mirror. She thought she chose to run her hands down her body, feeling up her ass and her tits until a welcome heat blossomed between her legs.
She thought she wanted to snap some pictures and send them to Don, smiling as she imagined his reaction to seeing her clad only in sexy purple lingerie.
Maria didn’t know why she was so excited at the sight of her body, or why she had a sudden urge to grope herself and give her taut ass a gentle smack.
And when she slid out of the bra and panties to ogle her naked body, it all seemed perfectly natural. As was her desire to lie down and finger herself in ways she’d never done before until the orgasm swept through her and she gripped the bed sheets in one hand while the fingers of the other slid through her sopping wet pussy.
She was so horny that afternoon she came four times until, finally exhausted, she lay on the bed and mumbled some strange words. She suddenly felt lighter somehow. She stood and got dressed, shaking her head and wondering what on earth had possessed her to do all that.

Still trapped in their bodies while controlled by strangers, a group of women are forced to enjoy a night of pleasure in Fantasy Girls 2. Due to themes of control and incest, this title is only available on Smashwords or my store bodyswapstories.com. Preview here.


  1. Had an idea for this kind of unaware possession. What if instead, the possesser starts acting like the actual woman they’ve taken over, but keeps telling themselves tmits their idea, until it goes too far and they figure out what’s gone wrong.

    1. What if the possessed person believing these are her decisions actually changes her personality around these decisions?

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