Fantasy Girls (Part 2)

Still trapped in their bodies while controlled by strangers, a group of women are forced to enjoy a night of pleasure in Fantasy Girls 2. Due to themes of control and incest, this title is only available on Smashwords or my store

For Melissa, it was bad enough that she was being controlled by strangers and force to do degrading things. But now she’s captured her sister, Sophia. They’re both trapped in their bodies as the strangers inside enjoy themselves.

And the first thing they’re made to enjoy is each other.

The four women are taken out for a night of debauchery. A night of drugs, gangbangs and dirty encounters. In the middle of it all, Sophia discovers there are moments of weakness in the programming, moments where she can almost control her body and escape.

But she’ll soon find out that the price of freeing all her friends comes at a cost.


I hadn’t seen or talked to my sister, Kate, in a while. That was strange in itself. But I’d also heard through a friend of a friend how she’d quit her job in such a spectacular way to go work in some sort of brothel or something. It was completely unlike her at all. She’d always been…not prudish, exactly, but not enthusiastic about sex. Not enthusiastic enough to do it for a living, anyway.

I’d tried reaching out to her and got cheery responses back. Her emails were written in her voice, and her phone conversations didn’t feel forced like she was being held captive or something. But there was no real explanation for the career change.

I’d invited her to my bachelorette weekend out of a sense of sisterly affection, and I was surprised when she showed up with two of her close friends who I knew from high school: Bethany and Melissa. I’d grown apart from them after graduation but they were still tight with Kate.  

Also a surprise was my sister’s outfit. Normally conservative Kate was wearing a tight white dress and, very clearly, no bra. Her nipples poked up the cotton fabric and she was showing an awful lot of leg above her thigh high leather boots. I was embarrassed for her but held my tongue and gave her a long hug.

“Hey, Sophia!” She gushed, hooking a lock of long black hair out of her face. “It’s been so long. Happy…wedding, I guess.”

She sounded the same. Chipper and hopeful. And she looked the same. She’d always been the girl next door, cute and innocent. She still had the same soft-featured face with the cupid’s bow lips and sleek nose. Nothing about her physical appearance had changed. No crazy plastic surgeries, thank God. But there was something off in the way she and her friends introduced themselves to the five of my sorority sisters who’d joined me for the weekend. Something predatory in their eyes.

“Hey, Sophia,” Kate said, turning her enchanting dark eyes to me and lowering her voice to a whisper. “I want to show you something. Can we talk privately?”

I agreed and led her down hall to my bedroom. I closed the door behind me and turned to her. She dug through her purse and pulled out a spider.

“Eww, what’s that?” I asked, drawing back.

She held it up on the palm of her hand. The thing sat still and I peered closer. It wasn’t a spider. It was a tiny robot of some sort that looked like a spider. It had a circular metal body suspended on six articulated filament legs.

“Did you make this?” I asked. “What is it?”

“Turn around I’ll show you.” She saw my hesitation and rolled her eyes. “It’s not gonna kill you. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

I still wasn’t sure but she was my sister and I trusted her. I turned and felt her lift my hair off the back of my neck. Something cold and prickly touched the top of my spine and I had half a second to realize it was the spider thing before there was a slight shock and my body shuddered. I blinked my eyes rapidly and turned my head to look at the room.

Only, I didn’t turn my head. It was turning on its own and I couldn’t control it.

“Oh, man, you are lucky,” my sister said, though now she sounded different.

She let my hair drop down and I turned to face her. Except, again, I didn’t tell my body to turn. It just did it, as if someone else was in control. I tried to step back, to turn, to scream, to do anything, but my body didn’t respond. I was trapped in my own mind as someone else piloted my body.

“Yeah,” Someone else agreed with my voice, using my lips and tongue. I sounded hesitant and unsure of myself.

Kate laughed before tucking a strand of my long black hair delicately behind one of my ears. Then she gently turned me to face the mirror and I stared at myself as she draped herself around me from behind, clasped her hands around my waist and lay her chin on my shoulder.

Both of us had the same dark brown, almond-shaped eyes. Kate wore her hair up in a complicated bun while mine fell down around my shoulders. Kate’s face was a little narrower, a little more heart-shaped than my own. We’d both been called beautiful, but the guys had always flocked to Kate more. Maybe it was her carefree attitude. But what I saw on her face now wasn’t her usual look of satisfaction. It was…desire.

“You are one hot bitch,” she whispered in my ear.

One of my sister’s hands slid around, up and over my polka-dotted dress to land on one of my breasts. She stroked me, fingers dancing across my chest. I wanted to pull away in revulsion. What the hell was happening? But my traitorous body didn’t respond.

“Is the extraction team here?” Whoever was controlling me asked.

“Not yet. We’ve got some time for fun.”

And then she kissed the nape of my neck. Her hot breath whispered across my skin and I turned back to face the mirror. I yearned to pull away but found my head tilting to one side to allow her easier access to my neck.

She pressed herself closer against me from behind. Now her warm body was up against mine. Her other hand slid down to my ass, hiking up my dress before sliding beneath to lightly pinch my butt. She nipped my neck with her teeth and I shivered. Despite my disgust my body responded to my sister’s touch, growing warm and wild for her. I wanted to pull away and ask her what the hell was going on. Instead, my back arched and my ass pressed back against her hand, as if I wanted more.

She giggled in my ear and then grasped the hem of my dress. As she gently tugged it off me I raised my arms to help her. She let it fall to the floor before unclasping my bra. I shook it off and turned to her. She smiled and slid one hand against my cheek and brought our lips together.

She kissed me tenderly, her tongue flicking across my lips. I opened my mouth to taste her, my mind screaming in rage as my body began groping her right back. I tasted her cherry lip gloss, felt her warm lips on mine, squeezed the gentle contours of her body. And, oh god, I felt the tiny spark of arousal from touching my sister’s body.

Her hand came up to my bare breast and fondled me. I grew warm beneath her touch and sighed into her mouth. I still couldn’t stop myself. I was trapped in my own body as a stranger made me make out with my sister.

I helped strip off Kate’s dress. She had no bra on and her breasts arched up towards me, nipples already soft peaks. I found my mouth dropping to meet them and then I was sucking on her tits. My tongue flicked across one nipple while my hand came up to squeeze her other breast. She sighed above me, our bodies warming in tandem. I sucked a nipple in my mouth, teasing it with my teeth. The taste of her body was disgusting and divine. I was moist already and dreading what would come next.

She lay back on the bed and I stood over her, gazing down at her body. No matter how much I desired to look away the person in my body made my eyes graze down my sister’s naked body as she lay on the bed in front of me. Her nipples were twin peaks. Her tummy taut. Her legs were spread wide and my gaze stopped on the black thatch of hair between her thighs.

Oh god no, I begged, even as my body knelt over her.

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    1. No, that was a consequence of me changing the story from the original commission. Good catch! I’ve uploaded a new version which should fix everything.

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