Alone again

As soon as Lexi’s piano student had left, Nathan pulled up his top and let his wife’s tits spill out.
“Now I can get back to the fun stuff,” he sighed in his wife’s voice as his hands came up to grasp his heavy breasts. “Fuck, look at these tits,” he said just to hear her voice talk dirty as his fingers played over his soft skin.
Nathan and his wife often swapped bodies for the day. She got to go to work and not worry about dietary restrictions, while Nathan stayed home and taught her lessons. Her body had a lot of food allergies so her diet was quite restrictive. But in return for eating bland meals, Nathan got full access to her body for the entire day.
He spent most of it in bed, his fingers inside his new pussy, or squeezing his luscious breasts. Occasionally he had to teach a student but as soon as they left he returned his attention to his body.
Now alone again, Nathan hefted his wife’s breasts and brought them to his lips, taking his time to suck on each of them. His tongue swirled around each delicate pink nipple and they spiked to attention in his mouth. At the same time, a pleasant buzzing warmth began between his legs.
He was smitten with his wife, and the opportunity to have her body completely to himself just made his eroticism that much more intense.
Nathan didn’t even bother to go the bedroom. He just lay back and spread his legs, fingering himself on the piano bench, legs in the air, breasts falling down each side of his chest. His wife’s voice filled the room with his orgasmic cries, and moisture pooled down onto the bench from his sopping wet pussy.
He would have to do some cleaning, but it was a small price to pay.

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