Just what your body needs

“It’s okay,” Maddie whispered, “I know just what your body needs.”
Maddie kissed her sister, Isa, gently on the back of her neck and was rewarded with a breathy sigh from Maddie’s former lips.
The two sisters had swapped bodies during the FOSE when Isa had accidentally walked in on Maddie masturbating. Isa had never wanted to see her sister naked and glistening like that, but now she owned her sister’s body. She had a constant low level of arousal that was almost impossible to ignore. So when Maddie cornered Isa one day and gently brushed her hair from her neck to kiss her, Isa shivered but didn’t protest.
Isa’s body needed this, and she tried to ignore the fact that it was her own former hands gliding up and down this new body, that it was her own former lips making her shiver and moan softly. Maddie was the narcissist, not Isa.
Maddie delighted in kissing her former body, still enamored with herself even from within her sister’s body. She’d already explored Isa’s pleasure, fingers sliding into her sister’s slippery wet folds to make her shiver with orgasm.
Maddie glided her hands up and around her former body, enjoying the delicate curves of the hips and waist and breasts that she used to own but still coveted. She knew just how to touch herself, and used that knowledge to make her sister breathless and wet, until Isa was begging her to slide between her thighs, where Maddie feasted on her own pussy until they both came in a shuddering, roaring orgasm.

A young man accidentally clones his mind into the bodies of four sexy college women in Beside Himself, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. This one is miss labeled .
    It is a FOSE story hiding out as a Great Shift story.
    It is like calling a 🦧an 🐻,or getting a 🍁 🌳 mixed up with a πŸ‡ πŸͺ΄.

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