Years of therapy

Request: Hey, I love your mother/son caps, especially the most recent one. I was wondering if you’d do something a bit different. I would love to see a caption that has a son in his mom’s body and we see a snapshot from much further in the future than the initial swap. Potentially loving their new role and being proactive in sex, or maybe still hating it and looking for a way out. Maybe they’re offered a way out only to decline it.

It had taken years of therapy for Andre to adjust to life in his mom’s body after the Great Shift. For the longest time he couldn’t look at himself in the mirror and never took a shower while naked because he couldn’t face the sight of his mom’s naked body beneath him, the tits that weren’t his and the emptiness between his legs.
The breakthrough came one day at a meeting for other people who’d shifted and couldn’t adjust. A young man who used to be an old woman flirted with him and took him out on a date.
They didn’t last too long as a couple but she opened Andre’s eyes to the wonderful excitement of his new body. He became obsessed with sex, figuring his body was getting older so he might as well enjoy it while he could.
It was so easy to land a man, especially the shifted ones who were still battling their hormones. He had a particularly mindblowing experience while at a spa one day. The masseuse had made him so loose, and the man’s hands across his body had made him warm and wet.
Andre ended up straddling the masseuse, throwing one leg across the man’s midsection and welcoming his huge cock into his mom’s slick hole. He sank down and grabbed his own tits, helping the man beneath him learn how Andre liked to be touched.
In no time Andre was grinding on the studly young man, moaning in his mom’s voice, cries growing louder until he came and the man pumped the heat of his hot cum into Andre, groaning as Andre gripped him between his luscious thighs.
It was wonderful. But Andre knew his body now, and he knew he wanted more.

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    1. Agreed!

      I don’t really have a request, but more of A prompt, I Was wondering About a FOSE scenario, but What happens when multiple People think about The Same person. Or If The orgasm without thinking of anyone

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