You scowl at the camera fixed to the ceiling in the corner of the room. The mad scientist is somewhere watching you on a screen, trying to manipulate you into the next stage of whatever plan he has.
You were kidnapped off the street, grabbed, bound and gagged, thrown into an unmarked van and taken away to who-knows-where. You were laid out on an operating table while, beside you, the scientist and his helpers did the same to a young blonde. You made eye contact with her for just a second, both of you wide-eyed and terrified, before the drugs kicked in and you passed out.
You awoke in a bedroom and immediately knew something was very wrong. You were topless, and when you sat up someone else’s breasts swung down your chest. Someone else’s blonde hair spilled across your cheek and down your side.
This wasn’t your body at all.
One wall is entirely made of mirrors and, looking over, you stare into the face of the young blonde who’d been captive on the operating table next to you. Somehow the scientist has swapped your mind into the body of this stranger.
Though the room is decorated like a normal bedroom, the windows are fake and the door is locked from the outside. Cameras watch you all day and the only clothing you have is the tiniest scrap of jean shorts. You’re forced to confront your new body all day every day. Whenever you try to hide beneath the covers the heat is turned up until the room is sweltering.
You don’t know if it’s something else the scientist is doing, or just your mind adjusting to your new body, but you’re starting to find your body enticing. You’re younger and more beautiful than before. Something about sliding your hands along your smooth creamy thighs makes you feel good. It won’t be long before you have to explore even more of yourself.

A young man accidentally clones his mind into the bodies of four sexy college women in Beside Himself, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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