Water could wait

“Where do you think you’re going?” Meghan whispered as she grabbed Ethan from behind, pressing her warm body against his.
“Just getting some water–” Ethan began.
Meghan shoved her hand down his panties, landing on his new pussy and cutting off his sentence. Ethan moaned and lost his balance as a wave of intense pleasure hit him. He leaned against the wall while his girlfriend fingered him. The pleasure wracked his body and he clawed at the wall, eyes closed in ecstasy as he came in an explosive orgasm. He could feel himself dripping down his thighs, could hear the slippery sounds of his girlfriend’s fingers circling his sopping wet clit, could hear her own moans as she shared in his orgasm. He couldn’t make coherent words. He could only moan as the pulsing orgasm burned through him.
Meghan was a witch, and as a present to Ethan for their anniversary she changed him into a woman for a day and made his pussy super sensitive. The merest touch would send him into a squealing orgasm. As a present to herself she’d linked their pleasure.
Now, fingering him, Meghan shared in the intensity of his orgasm. She moaned into his shoulder as she came, her own pussy as wet as his.
She dragged him back into the bedroom and slipped her face between his thighs, licking his pussy until he came, legs clapping around her head. Meghan came with him, her body roaring with yet another orgasm.
The water could wait.

Still trapped in their bodies while controlled by strangers, a group of women are forced to enjoy a night of pleasure in Fantasy Girls 2. Due to themes of control and incest, this title is only available on Smashwords or my store bodyswapstories.com. Preview here.


  1. Loved this story and picture! I’ve had dreams that I woke up in a beautiful body like this and had the same feelings and always wanted to enjoy a lesbian affair. If only… Would love to see more like this and let the new girl share with us what the great feelings of woman hood are like! Zoe

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