Tables have turned

Timothy and Justin were walking home from school one day when the bully, Emilio, pulled up next to them in his souped up Chevy. Emilio’s busty girlfriend, Kayla, was in the passenger seat, her eyes glued to her little pocket mirror as she fluffed up her hair and examined her makeup.
Timothy and Justin saw them both and were about to cut through a neighbor’s yard to escape when the Great Shift occurred.
Suddenly, Timothy found himself seated in a car, staring into a tiny mirror that he clutched with delicate hands. Long nails curled from the end of each finger and the face in the mirror was Kayla’s. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as Timothy’s did the same. A cry of anguish brought his attention to the driver. It was Emilio, but he was staring at his hands in shock. Beyond him, on the sidewalk was Justin and…himself??
After that day the tables were turned. Emilio never pestered them again and, in fact, was quite withdrawn. Meanwhile, Timothy and Justin were getting used to their new bodies and paraded around the school like kings.
Timothy even started dressing like Kayla in tiny shorts and tops that showed off his new tits. One day by the pool he scooted closer to Justin and let his hands play across his friend’s pants. When Justin reached over and grabbed one of Timothy’s tits, Timothy laughed and looked down at himself, enjoying the sight of Kayla’s body beneath him, enjoying the feel of her weighty tits and the air blowing against his bare thighs.
“Maybe it’s time we really get used to these bodies,” Timothy suggested.
Justin grinned, his new cock already jumping to attention.

Still trapped in their bodies while controlled by strangers, a group of women are forced to enjoy a night of pleasure in Fantasy Girls 2. Due to themes of control and incest, this title is only available on Smashwords or my store Preview here.


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