Body Switch Collection Volume 13

Body Switch Collection 13 features 5 previously published erotic body swapping stories from M. Wills and is now available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Featuring:

Switched On
Luke discovers a magic remote control that will turn him into whoever is onscreen when he pushes the button. But when he shares this discovery with his friends it results in a mad scramble that sees the remote smashing, leaving the four guys transformed and stuck as sexy celebrities.

Best Friend’s Wedding
Drew and Jake used to be best friends, until Missy came along. She was rich and entitled and was responsible for taking Jake away. So Drew hatched a plan to steal her body and take over her life.

Got it Going On
My girlfriend, Stacy, is an amateur witch. She can do magic, just not very well, which is why I’m hesitant when she comes to me with a spell that will swap our bodies for a day. Turns out I should have said no, because an accident causes me to swap bodies with her elegant, curvy mom. I know it might be wrong, but there’s so much fun to be had being inside Stacy’s mom.

After making fun of a witch, a bully and his friends find themselves transforming into busty women, unable to fight the physical urges of their new bodies.

Taking Stock
A man who can possess other people’s bodies takes over a young woman’s life and changes her for the better while rewarding himself with some physical pleasure.

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