“Oh, whoops,” you giggle, trying to cover your friend’s body up while your friend – now in your body – stares daggers at you.
“I was just changing out of my wet suit.”
“Uh huh,” she says flatly.
Touching your new breasts sets you off, sending a little surge of warmth through your body. You were just starting to get wet from touching yourself before your friend came back. You shift slightly in the remains of your bathing suit, feeling the damp fabric slide against your new pussy.
The way she’s looking at you makes you realize that she’s heard about the reason for the swap. Not surprising, really. It’s all over the news by now.
You were on a vacation with some friends and all staying in separate rooms. You told them you’d join them down at the pool soon. You knew the sight of your friend in her bathing suit would drive you mad so you opted to take care of some business before joining them.
Unfortunately, the FOSE hit just as you were finishing. Suddenly, you were underwater. You surfaced, sputtering, surprised to find long wet hair dripping down your back. Looking down, you found two perfect breasts tucked into a bathing suit you knew very well.
You met your friend in the hallway and she pulled you into your former room. You were both distraught and confused. Though, to be honest, the longer you were in her body the more you enjoyed it. So when she finally left to get you both some food, you took advantage of the opportunity.
Unfortunately she returned much too soon and caught you in the act of enjoying her body.
She won’t be able to watch you forever, though. Sometime you’ll get the chance to explore the body you coveted for so long.

Body Switch Collection 13 features 5 previously published erotic body swapping stories from M. Wills and is now available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

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