His friend’s pleasure

Request: Love all your captions but I’ve been really into the F2F ones recently. My idea is about my BBW girlfriend noticing we have been a bit quiet in the bedroom and wanted to spice things up, she’s a practicing witch but kept it secret. She’s noticed me checking out her skinny and tight friends that seem to get all the guys attention so decides to hop/switch their bodies and bring them home for us to both have fun with. Keep up the awesome work!

Maria loved her boyfriend, Harry, and thought they were happy together. But recently their sex life had taken a dive. Harry just didn’t seem as attracted to her curvy body. In fact, several times Maria thought she’d caught him checking out his slender friend, Kim, when they were all hanging out.
Maria couldn’t really blame him, though it did make her jealous. Kim was slender, and with an angular, supermodel face.
So to spice things up, Maria “borrowed” Kim’s body one day. Her body was so light and agile. Kim was enjoying herself just walking around Kim’s house. And when she took off her clothes to find something more sensual, she was delighted at her body.
“Ohh, Harry’s gonna love this,” Maria purred as she stroked her new tits and ran her hand down over her tight new ass.
The look on Harry’s face when he opened the door to find Kim standing there in a slinky black dress was priceless. To his credit, he took some convincing but Maria eventually succeeded. They were in the library when she leaned forward and kissed him, tasting her boyfriend through someone else’s tongue and inhaling his masculine scent through someone else’s nose.
Soon she was naked and rocking back and forth on Harry’s cock, both of them utterly delighted with Kim’s body. Maria found her new form so much more sensitive than her old. She moaned happily as Harry fucked her, enjoying Kim’s orgasm while she was filled with her boyfriend’s seed.

Body Switch Collection 13 features 5 previously published erotic body swapping stories from M. Wills and is now available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.


  1. Love your stories! I wish I could change into a beautiful female body and experience all the sexual joys a woman does! Zoe

    1. Or, the ex-supermodel trying to enjoy her friends fat body, only to discover her boyfriend was only ever interested in her looks.

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