Another in the long line

Part 1: Not quite ready

Part 2: Second orgasm

I yanked open the shower curtains as Leah clutched me from behind. My dad's grin dropped when he saw me naked with another girl in the shower.
"Oh, I, um...I'll leave you," he blushed and hurried out of the room.
I knew it was probably hard on him seeing mom naked and fooling around with another woman. But mom's body was mine now and he had to get used to it. As did I. Hopefully, he would take this as a good sign, that I was getting comfortable enough being mom I could bring home girlfriends.
"Sorry about that," I said, turning back to Leah.
"It's okay," she said.
Her hand came up to stroke my heavy breasts. She was envious that my breasts were bigger than hers, but I was still so attracted to her, and she knew how to touch my mom's body, how to make me burn brightly.
Her fingers ran lightly over my skin, caressing me as I grew warmer and wetter than the water sluicing down our bodies. She didn't have my qualms about stroking my mom's pussy. Her fingers found my slick folds and slid inside, gently pushing apart the walls of my canal.
I let out a shaky breath. It was always so strange feeling myself be penetrated, watching down my mom's body and feeling everything as she slid into my warmth. But the awkwardness dissipated as Leah moved faster, pressing her body closer to me. We kissed then, our tits pressed together, her fingers sliding in and out my slick cunt until I came, enjoying another in a long line of my mom's orgasms.

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