Piano woman

I tried out my new powers for the second time on my piano teacher, Kate. Reaching out with my mind I grabbed hold of her essence and pulled. The pain doubled us both over but it worked.
When I blinked open my eyes I was sitting on the piano stool, clutching my middle. Silky hair whispered across my face and I found myself staring down at two wonderful, smooth legs. I smiled up at my former body, still doubled over, a look of shock on my old face.
"W-what?" She managed.
I sat up straight and swiped the hair out of my eyes before leaning back to stretch my legs and wiggle my tiny toes.
"Well, Kate," I said in her deliciously soft voice, "Looks like I'm the new piano teacher this time."
"What did you do?" She stared down at her new body then back up at me.
"Relax," I laughed, adjusting my skirt over my knees, letting my new hands play across my thighs. "It's just for this one practice session. I need a little session of my own if you know what I mean. Why don't you go upstairs to your room and read a book or something? Just try to ignore any noises you hear."
I slid my skirt up and drew my fingers down the length of my inner thigh, shivering at the delicious softness, feeling my new pussy grow excited and wet.

A college student discovers the ability to hop into people’s bodies, and uses his new power to take over his cute crush and explore her life in How I Became a Hopper, on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


    1. Not a sequel. In my head I was imagining that the first time was when he discovered his powers, but that didn’t translate to the caption. Maybe I can make a prequel.

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