How I Became a Hopper (MtF Possession)

A college student discovers the ability to hop into people’s bodies, and uses his new power to take over his cute crush and explore her life in How I Became a Hopper, on Smashwords or Amazon.

I returned to Emily’s dorm room planning to hop out of her but when I got there I had second thoughts. Could I make her remember going to the game? Should I leave her like this all sweaty? At least I should clean off.

I slipped off my shoes and socks before peeling off my shirt. I swiped my blonde hair out of my eyes and glanced down at my chest. Emily’s breasts were held tight by a black sports bra that squashed them up against her body and, holy hell, they seemed huge. I moved to the mirror next to her closet to look at myself. Her beautiful reflection came into view. So weird to watch her move and know it was me. Weird and exciting.

I shimmied out of her shorts and kicked them aside. Now I was wearing only her bra and some teal running panties that clung to my hips and ass. Emily’s incredible figure was on display and I traced the curve of her body with a hand. Half turning, I arched my back and admired her ass, running a hand down along my stomach to my rounded butt cheeks.

“Oh my god, she’s hot,” I said aloud. “I’m hot.” I corrected myself with a giggle.

I turned back to the mirror and stroked myself, hefting as much breast as I could with the sports bra on. Her cleavage was fantastic, the rounded curves disappearing beneath the black fabric. One hand lingered on a breast while the other trailed down my trim tummy, fingers dancing over the slick skin. Fuck, it was hot, moving her body, watching her touch herself.

A prickle of warmth drew my attention to between my thighs, and I let my hand stroke over my panties, pushing the fabric up against my pussy, exploring the smoothness of my crotch, enjoying the feel of my pussy lips warming for my touch. I pressed harder against the panties while I gripped a tit with the other hand. My mouth fell open, little pink tongue licking my lips. I was a picture of lust and was driving myself crazy.

I slid my hand back up to my mound and then dipped beneath the panties. My fingers found the coarse trail of my pubic hair and I followed it down to my pussy. The little lips were slightly damp already and grew even damper as my finger trailed lightly up and down my slit, sliding inside my body for the first time. I sighed and continued stroking. I felt so good. My rubbery folds soon grew slick and a delightful tension took hold of me.

Now I was more than damp; I was wet. I spread the wetness up and down, staring at myself in the mirror as I did so, watching as I made Emily masturbate for me.  My fingers felt so wonderful inside me and I slid them around, experimenting, searching for the perfect spot. Soon I landed on my little clit and a moan escaped my lips. There.

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