Attracted to myself

I never considered myself attractive until a freak lightning strike made me swap bodies with my son's best friend and I saw my body through his eyes. The swaying breasts and the wide hips that had seemed like such a hindrance now seemed like the most wonderful things in the world. I found myself getting hard just watching him move about in my body, and had to spend some time alone in my room, relieving the pressure and learning how my new dick worked.
He kept asking me about my former body: how to put on a bra, how to clean himself, how to do his makeup. I got the feeling he was teasing me, enjoying being in my body as much as I enjoyed watching.
One afternoon he was in the kitchen, bending over the sink wearing only a loose fitting top, a bra, and some pink panties stretched across my juicy fat ass. He didn't protest as I came up from behind and wrapped my arms around him, even though he must have felt my cock throb up against his plump ass.
Soon we were both naked, and I lifted my former body onto the kitchen counter. He spread his legs and I plunged in to that wonderful wet heat as we kissed. My former pussy felt divine, and I thrust in to the hilt, the excitement quickly driving me over the edge as I stroked those beautiful big breasts and came. He took all of my cum as I pumped in to him, and it was over too soon.
Fortunately, he was up for more whenever I was.

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