Deeper Undercover (MtF Body Theft)

A male criminal steals the body of a sexy female cop and uses his new life to build a drug empire in Deeper Undercover, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Ivan’s a drug lord who lures an undercover agent, Claire, into a trap in order to swap her into his girlfriend’s body. But when Ivan’s girlfriend protests, Ivan takes her place and finds himself in the body of a sexy blonde cop. After teasing Claire with her own body, he leaves her for dead.

Ivan then uses the police as his own personal hit squad, sending them in to bust up his rivals and then picking up the pieces for himself. And, of course, there’s always time to enjoy his new body with his girlfriend.

But soon Ivan finds out that Claire is still alive and roaming around the city in his old body. He’s got to find her and stop her before she can convince anyone of the truth of what happened. And stopping Claire might just involve Ivan using his exquisite body to seduce her partner on the police force to discover what he knows.

Can Ivan keep his new body and prevent the police from discovering who he really is?

This is a standalone alternate version of the previously published story Deep Undercover, featuring a version of events that echo the original while being a completely new story.

This 10,000+ word story contains body swaps and body thefts, and erotic solo, lesbian, and hetero scenes.

“Now what are we going to do with you?” Ivan wondered aloud, caressing her cheek with the barrel of the gun. “Be a pity to kill such a beautiful specimen of a man. But you gotta do what you gotta do.”

He pressed the gun against her head and she shut her eyes. Ivan held the gun there for a beat until a thought hit him.

“Let me just leave you with a little parting gift.”

Ivan set the gun on the floor and pulled off his shirt. He dropped it to the floor and pushed the silky blonde hair out of his eyes before gazing down at his new body. Two wonderful breasts disappeared beneath a simple white bra. The curves were so elegant and he stroked himself, enjoying the softness of his skin, the way his feathery touch sent little shivers of pleasure through him. He watched as he made Claire’s fingers touch herself, roaming over her bra, squeezing until his fingers dimpled her gentle flesh and his body warmed. This was his body now, his tits, his pussy, to do with as he wanted.

He reached round and unstrapped his bra with some difficulty before shrugging it to the floor. His breasts bounced free and he gathered them in his hands, squeezing them again, fingers splayed over each one. They were taut and jiggled slightly beneath his touch as he ran his hands over them, squeezing them up against himself before dropping them and gathering them up again. His fingers found his nipples as they spiked into sharp points and he pinched them, too hard at first, gasping in an airy breath before laughing and trying again, softer this time, pulling them gently away from himself and releasing them to watch them snap back into place.

“Mmm,” he moaned in Claire’s throaty voice, “I’m going to enjoy having this body more than I thought. Let’s see the rest of it, shall we?”

Claire struggled in her chair, grunting around the rags as Ivan danced for her, swishing his hips back and forth as he pushed the jeans down his long legs and stepped out of them. Then he rolled the panties down his legs and ran a hand down his chest and over his ass, turning to admire himself, giving his butt a little smack and laughing as it jiggled slightly, accompanied by another burst of heat between his legs. Claire really did have an incredible body, muscular and lithe, and now he stared down at the light tuft of blonde hair between his legs, letting his hands trace down over his hips and across his mound.

God, he wished he had his dick so he could fuck this little pussy. Just the thought sent goosebumps across his body. Instead he used his fingers to stroke the line of his entrance up and down, watching his body respond, the pussy lips growing looser and opening for him as his cheeks burned with warmth. His other hand roamed through his hair and he threw back his head, enjoying the feel of his new contours, the silky hair, the wonderful airy sound of his little gasps. Oh, he was going to enjoy getting his hands on this undercover agent’s body. Claire was staring at him, hate in her eyes and a hardon in her pants.

“Not bad,” Ella said, appraising his body.

Ivan’s other hand came up to a breast and he stroked it while allowing a finger to dip into himself, felt his pussy part for himself and then he landed on his new slick folds. Delicious waves of warmth flowed through his body. His fingers found his wetness and spread it up and down his entrance. The little pussy lips clung to his finger, so delicate to stroke.

He placed a foot up on Claire’s lap so he could spread himself right in front of her eyes, show her her own bare pussy as he fingered himself. She couldn’t move her head and her eyes were wide as she watched him manipulate her body, her cock excited at the sight of him despite herself.

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