Now and forever

Your heavy tits rest on your friend's leg as you daintily stroke his cock. You bite your lower lip and squirm as your fingers travel up and down the hard shaft. The feel of your friend's hard cock beneath your fingers makes your pussy wet and your mouth water no matter how hard you try to control yourself, to remind yourself that you're a man, that this is all a spell.
But the desire is too real. You want your friend's dick like you've never wanted anything in your life. You can imagine how it will feel between your lips, gliding across your tongue, and then finally sliding into your tight little pussy.
The body your friend has put you in is ridiculously stacked and ridiculously horny. Your tits are so big and ripe, swaying with each motion. You hope they please him. You want him to be pleased. That's his wish and your command.
You gather enough resistance to start to beg in your sultry voice, "Please don't make me--"
"Shh," your friend says, "Suck my dick and then we'll talk."
You can't disobey. You don't want to disobey. You lower your mouth and swallow him. It's everything you imagined and more, and you moan and close your eyes in delight, savoring him as you swallow his cock, feel the warm hard shaft travel across your tongue and to the back of your throat.
You nearly cum just from sucking his cock. Your tongue travels up and down the underside of his shaft as you service him, doing your best to please him because that pleases you now and forever.

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