Best friend’s girlfriend

Evan came down from another orgasm, leaving his hands between his legs to stroke Vanessa's pussy, his fingers still teasing his delicate folds as he stared at her naked image in the mirror, lusting after himself.
He felt a little guilty spending so much time masturbating his best friend's girlfriend. Evan had ended up in her body after a lucky pairing up in Swap Class. He could hardly contain his excitement and rushed home right after school, tearing off his clothes to enjoy Vanessa's wonderful body. His hands played across his sensitive breasts, stroking each nipple while his body warmed. He followed his curves down his body, hand sliding between his legs to land on her shaved pussy.
The first time he touched himself was a strange delight, staring into the mirror as he watched Vanessa finger her pussy, little mouth open in pleasure as she spread her legs and he enjoyed her orgasm.
After six of them he was exhausted and getting sore. But Swap Class was only for a week and he wanted to take advantage of every second.
Surely Evan's friend knew what he was doing in his girlfriend's body. Maybe he even knew how to make her feel better. A smile curled Evan's slender new lips as he imagined letting his friend have his way with this body, wondering what it would be like to watch in the mirror as his friend threw him over a chair and fucked Vanessa from behind, to watch her tits bounce, to feel the thick cock in her tight pussy. Just imagining it was making him wet, and he began stroking himself again.

A college student discovers the ability to hop into people’s bodies, and uses his new power to take over his cute crush and explore her life in How I Became a Hopper, on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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